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Opera is one of the most used browsers and has managed to position itself as one of the main alternatives, in the same league as the heavyweights in internet browsers, such as Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

Even though new updates appear every once in a while, there are two beta distributions which you can also download: Opera Developer and Opera Next. Developer is designed for developers who need to try new experimental versions of the browser which still includes errors and bugs to be fixed. Opera Next, meanwhile, offers a much more stable experience.

Opera Next lets you enjoy the browser’s latest updates weeks before the final version is released. Its distinctive feature is its silver icon instead of the classic red.

Opera Beta 10 is a notable improvement when it comes to web integration thanks to its synchronization with your Opera account which is fully integrated to the browser. This allows you to, for example, have all of your bookmarks on any device as long as you're using Opera.

The development process for each new version is divided into several phases that go from the first alphas and betas to the RC (Release Candidate), right before its final release. Opera Next is automatically updated every two weeks to the latest version within this development process

If you are highly impatient, or you need to try out some of the browser’s new features in a safe and comfortable way then Opera Next is definitely what you're looking for.
5 reasons Opera is a fantastic browser

We never get tired of recommending Opera as one of the best desktop browsers currently available. And now, with the recent arrival of version 37 to its stable channel and the exciting addition of an integrated ad-blocker, it seems like a good moment to recap all its attractions. We'll try to condense them to five points.
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Opera integrates its own ad-blocker in the beta version of the browser

There are still a lot of turns that adblocking can take. Opera just put into place a controversial new measure by adding a function in its latest beta version for its desktop clients: Opera Browser 37 includes its own already integrated adblocker. It also advises you to activate this adblocker in order to substantially increase browsing speed, which is fair enough. The question is: can the internet really sustain itself without advertising?
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